terça-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2010

Forgotten Summer Make Up Haul

So i just realised today that i completely forgot to post a little haul of some make up i bought in the summer 0.0 i still can't believe how i forgot lol but here it is ^^

In Paris

I had to go to an Yves Rocher while i was in Paris just because i love this brand and in Portugal the only way i can get products of it is by mail, which i'm not very fond of. So i got this little eyeshadow duo that's gorgeous. It has both bright orange and bright pink eyeshadows. The packaging is very nice and it closes with a magnet. I like this very much, it has fun colours. It was 4,95 euros on sale (regular price is 8,49)

These were on sale and hadn't bought an angular brush yet so i though what the hell lol. The eyeshadow brush was just a plus to add to my still smal collection. Both were 7 euros each (regular price is 10 euros for the angular and 8,95 for the other)

When i saw this i fell in love. It just felt so right to buy it lol. The packaging is just so deliciously fun and edgy. If you haven't realised it yet, they are lipglosses. They were 9,95 euros.

In Istambul

There was this little drugstore near the hotel and i couldn't resist going in. I'm glad i did or else i would not have encounter these amazing nail polishes. I never had heard of this brand, Alix Avien but omg it is amazing. The quality of these is really amazing and they stay on for weeks without changing. And the price is even more unbelievable. Each of them cost 1,50 turkish lira which is aproximately 0.75 cents in euros 0.0

I just though i could add another eyeliner to my stash and this green is really beautiful. It was 3,50 turkish lira which is 1,75 euros.

After the summer

Just some nail polishes i have been buying. I love this brand, Yes Love, it has really bright colours which i love for nails. The colours are from left to right, 7, 460, 287, 245, 455. Each one is 1 euro.

I'm not really a blush kind of girl, but sometimes it looks nice, so i got some that aren't too bright or dark, i like them soft, especially light pinks. The colours are from left to righ: 009, 4, 014. The rectangular ones were 1,50 euros and the round one was 2,25 euros.

The first lipstick is probably one of my favorites ever, it's dark but you can still see the red and if i apply it with a lip pencil it looks a lot softer. It's in the colour 105, it's from Wynie and was 1,50 euros. The other two are the same but in different colours, the first is a very bright red and the second is a very dark purple, perfect for a dark gothic look or halloween. Each one was 1 euro.

Just two lip liners to combine with the lipsticks. The first is in the colour 074 Purple and the second is in 061 Berry. They were 1 euro, each.

I saw this mini pallete and though it has really nice eyeshadows for the hollidays, with some sparkles. It's the number 2 and it was 2 euros.

I love these mini pallets. They have such beautiful neutral colours and one even has that gorgeous green. They are from Marylins and the first is the number 5 and the second is number 7. Each was 1,50 euros.

I will also post more stuff i got on my summer vacation and over the time until now, i just have been so busy and distracted lol.