terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

New youtube channel and new video

I created a new youtube channel. I used to have one with the user name "TheMusicFreakGirl" but i stopped using it for so long that i forgot the password and the email i used on it lol it's sad but whatever i gotta move on. So the new one is:


and here's the first video i made there.

sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2011

terça-feira, 22 de novembro de 2011

Old sweater from my mom

Hey guys =)
So i was trying on some clothes, including the ones that belonged to my mom (she gave them to me because they don't fit her anymore), and two of the items were this sweater that i know it looks hideous but paired up with the right stuff is very cute, and this blue shirt i'm wearing underneath it and you can see the collar.

Purple sweater - United Colours of Benetton (but very old)
Blue shirt - Charles (very old too)
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Demonia
Headband - Claire's
Ring - Bijou Brigitte
Rose earing - Bijou Brigitte
Jewel earing - C and A

Lipstick - maniac mat in mat 04 from Sephora

please comment and follow =)


Hey =)
I guess i forgot to tell you guys, but in the summer i went on vacation to China. It was a very interesting experience, i mean the world there is completely different from where i live or even from all of Europe.
 I just apologize for the not so great quality of them, i don't have a especially good camera, for the most part i use my cellphone or my dad's digital camera.

I live on tumblr

I deleted my old tumblr because it was a mess and i was following a lot of people.
So my new main tumblr is

I also created a tumblr with pretty photographs of landscapes, clothes and just beautiful stuff, go check it out too please

I have also one for photos i take

And for those who like the music or just the guys in the band blink-182

segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

Recent photos of me with red hair :)

This one was taken on the day that i first painted this copper kind of red colour.

Taken on the same day as well.

This was taken a few days after.

Just thought i'd share a new t-shirt i got at a concert. It's from a hardcore punk portuguese band called Devil In Me.

Just a random picture, but i like the outfit. I have on a velvet type material skirt, a blue leopard top and a little black cardigan.

I just love this picture and the fact that i had the tips of my hair blue for about 10 days.

I wore this outfit to school and liked it a lot. I have green shorts with very thin skin coloured tights, a yellow top i have never worn before and a short blue jean type shirt.

This picture was taken the day i dyed my hair red for the second time and i like this colour better than the first. This one looks more red and is more intense.

Again just a picture i like a lot and where you can see my hair looking really red, which i love.

My new profile pic, i like it a lot.

I just love my blink-182 shirt, it's amazing ok?

I bought new leather type pants because my old ones are so big for me now (i actually gave them to my mom lol)

And that's it for now :)