segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

Recent photos of me with red hair :)

This one was taken on the day that i first painted this copper kind of red colour.

Taken on the same day as well.

This was taken a few days after.

Just thought i'd share a new t-shirt i got at a concert. It's from a hardcore punk portuguese band called Devil In Me.

Just a random picture, but i like the outfit. I have on a velvet type material skirt, a blue leopard top and a little black cardigan.

I just love this picture and the fact that i had the tips of my hair blue for about 10 days.

I wore this outfit to school and liked it a lot. I have green shorts with very thin skin coloured tights, a yellow top i have never worn before and a short blue jean type shirt.

This picture was taken the day i dyed my hair red for the second time and i like this colour better than the first. This one looks more red and is more intense.

Again just a picture i like a lot and where you can see my hair looking really red, which i love.

My new profile pic, i like it a lot.

I just love my blink-182 shirt, it's amazing ok?

I bought new leather type pants because my old ones are so big for me now (i actually gave them to my mom lol)

And that's it for now :)

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