segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

Omg it's been the longest time

So hi again. I was gone for a long time, not really sure why, but it doesn't matter anymore cause now i'm back lol
i wanna post a lot of things that have been happening but it's just so much and it's overwhelming (is that correct? idk).
Well recently i got a little sick but i'm starting to get better, but on the way i lost weigth. I had already lost 5 kilos since the begining ot the year, but with this health problem i lost 4 more, so now i have 61 kilos which is amazing for me, i can't believe i lost this much in so little time. I don't think i have ever been this thin in my adolescence years. I know i'm gonna gain a few kilos when i get a lot better but then i think i will commit myself to losing them again with exercise and an even better diet that i had already. (Idk why i keep saying already so many times, weird).
Anyway that's something.
Oh and of course i dyed my hair red, two times already (there it goes again) since i last posted in here. I will post pictures (not that anyone cares lol).
Also i got a bunch of new clothes, acessories and shoes to show (again not that anyone cares but oh well lol). Make up i don't have a lot of new stuff, only nailpolishes. Ah and i guess i didn't tell you guys, i stopped biting my nails (miracle!!!) and i will star doing nail looks (and will post pictures of some i did in this past time).
And idk, maybe there's more to say but i don't remember haha
So that's it...
For now hehe

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