quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2012

Noori and flatforms make me happy

Today i went for a walk in my town and took the chance to go to a store i haven't been in a while, and i did very well because they were having a sale, so i got some awesome flatforms for only 6 euros! I was with a friend and she was actually the one to notice them and told me because she knows how much i like these kind of shoes. I can't wait to wear them, they are really confortable and although the heel is small, it does give me a little more height. 

I also got these nailpolishes, for 1 euro each.
After that i went to the mall with the same friend, plus another one and we had a late lunch/afternoon snack at Noori, which is a sushi place and it is so delicious omg i just love anything sushi.
 Here's me looking like an idiot lol 
I had to go and take a look at Claire's of course and i saw this fake stretcher and fell in love, so i had to get it lol 
This is becoming a really big post, i'm sorry :x if you're still here, thank you, i like you :) But yeah i got home and just had some fun with my dad's macbook
 I'm done lol 
 Stay sassy!

Israeli food is so delicious

 I forgot to post this picture earlier lol it's my dinner from last Monday. It's from a Israeli restaurant and it's so good! I had a greek salad, this meat thing called Kibi and eggplant with tomato and olives, and they always give you these little cups filled with this delicious garlic sauce. I was craving this food for several weeks and finally got it and it tasted amazing. 
 Stay sassy!

terça-feira, 28 de agosto de 2012

The End by Devil In Me and Greatest Hitz by Limp Bizkit

 Bought these two cds yesterday at Fnac, they are "The End" by Devil In Me and "Greatest Hitz" by Limp Bizkit. They were 9,99 euros and 5 euros, respectively. 
I'm sure you know who Limp Bizkit are so i won't talk about them (if you don't know them omg go listen RIGHT NOW). 
About Devil In Me, they are actually a Portuguese hardcore band, a very awesome one. I've seen them live twice and loved it (one of those was in Rock In Rio so they really don't suck). If you don't like noisy music you won't like them, but if you do go listen to them right now! I'll even post their facebook here and a picture of me with my awesome t-shirt by them c: 

their band page on facebook - http://www.facebook.com/devilinmeband/app_178091127385

Stay sassy!

Neon Orange Nails



     I have pointy, neon orange nails oh yeah. Don't have much else to say lol 
 Stay sassy!

segunda-feira, 27 de agosto de 2012

Sushi is the best

This was my lunch today, my dad was nice to pick up some sushi for us, to eat at home and i have to say it was an excelent idea, because i woke up and there was this is front of my face.

Also i have to start blogging again, now i have a lot of free time because i'm not studying this year, i'm taking it off to try to work, let's see how that turns out, and next year hopefully i'll be going to university, to study photography in IADE, one of the best places for this course in Portugal. The only problem is that it's not public so this year i'll be earning the money for it, HOPEFULLY.

Well now i have to go and get ready to go out to the mall and eat dinner with my boyfriend.

Stay sassy! (I'm thinking this should be my new goodbye, i like it very much)