quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2012

Noori and flatforms make me happy

Today i went for a walk in my town and took the chance to go to a store i haven't been in a while, and i did very well because they were having a sale, so i got some awesome flatforms for only 6 euros! I was with a friend and she was actually the one to notice them and told me because she knows how much i like these kind of shoes. I can't wait to wear them, they are really confortable and although the heel is small, it does give me a little more height. 

I also got these nailpolishes, for 1 euro each.
After that i went to the mall with the same friend, plus another one and we had a late lunch/afternoon snack at Noori, which is a sushi place and it is so delicious omg i just love anything sushi.
 Here's me looking like an idiot lol 
I had to go and take a look at Claire's of course and i saw this fake stretcher and fell in love, so i had to get it lol 
This is becoming a really big post, i'm sorry :x if you're still here, thank you, i like you :) But yeah i got home and just had some fun with my dad's macbook
 I'm done lol 
 Stay sassy!

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  1. Adoro o teu blogue, vou seguir, também já te segui, na fashiolista!


  2. Ahh that temaki looks very yummy! :)) And I adore that orange nail polish - what a unique colour :)) Must look lovely & summery :))

    Lots of love,

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  3. The flatforms are so cute!

    I just started blogging again and as you followed me the last time I would love if you follow me again =) You´re always welcome on my blog =)

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  5. the shoes are so awesome... must have.