quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

Spring Haul

Yesterday and today i did some shopping for the spring. I needed to get some new cardigans because i didn't have any besides a black warm one. So i chose these ones:

15,95 euros from Lefties

7,99 euros from Lefties

9,95 from Lefties

9,95 from Lefties

I also saw these adorable high waisted shorts and since i'd been looking for some as well i thought what the hell i'll get them.
14,95 from Lefties

Then i went to Lisbon and of course had to stop by HandM, i always find something good in that store.
10 euros from HandM

Also for the longest time i had been searching for a high waisted leather skirt and i found this amazing one.
20 euros from HandM
20 euros from HandM

I fell in love with this necklace
3,95 from HandM

I love this kind of heels.
9,90 from Seaside

I was craving for these tights for the longest time and i finally got them and wore them today already (pictures below in the post)
9,95 euros from Calzedonia
Me trying on the striped shirt with the brown skirt at HandM
Blue tights from Calzedonia and shoes from a little shop in Cascais

After Math class i was taking these pictures lol

Today i went to the center of Cascais with my friends and we went to this shop that has really good prices.
I got these cute purple shoes that kind of remind me of shoes from the 30's and 40's.

They were 11 euros

I couldn't resist these ones either.

They were 12 euros.

Finally got me some John Lennon look a like sunglasses for only 3 euros

Clear mascara for 1,50 euros.
Gorgeous "Yes Love" nailpolish for 1 euro.
Owl ring for 3,95 euros from Bijou Brigitte

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  1. wow great buys!

    love the leather skirts!

    it would be awesome if we could follow each other..what do you think? :)


  2. Thank you =D
    I'm already following you ^^

  3. Wow, you bought this all in one day?! Now that's one huge haul lol :D & great new cardi's, I especially love your blue one, really need one like that myself :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  4. I bought this in 2 days lol but yeah it quite some stuff lol i haven't done any proper shopping for a while so that's why this time i got a lot of things ^^

  5. Great pieces! Love cardigans! The owl ring is gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  6. really nice clothes! =) i'm love by brown skirt!! =)

    thank you for follow me!! i'm folling you too!

  7. Sim, eu adoro aquele formato de vestidos, são tão leves e fofinhos :)
    Adorei o colar deste post.

    Beijo *