quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2011

Changes happen little by little

Just a make up look i did recently.

I've been changing my style a little bit, not just because i don't like how i was dressing before, it didn't do many wonders to my figure, but also because i've grown a little bit and i have a different attitude.
So here is just a sample of how i'm dressing now.

It still has a lot of black but it's softer and girlier.
And i'm really liking the flower trend so i will be buying more clothes and acessories with that.

Also just a picture of my favorite wall of my bedroom

Do you like anything that i have there? ^^

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  1. Lovely make up! I try to do something like that every now and again but I can never do it that well and end up staying with just eye liner!
    Also, I notice The Godfather poster - great taste...love that film! ;) x

    polkadotsandpinafores.blogspot.com x

  2. thank you =D
    The Godfather is epic :D

    I'm following your blogs now ^^

  3. I love the eye makeup! Cute blog, check out mine too :)



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