terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

I will do more blog posts!! =D

For the last few months i have been busy and, i have to admit, a little lazy to do blog posts, but i'm gonna change that now. I'm gonna try at most to do at least 4 posts per week, about anything taht i want.
These days i'm more into fashion rather than make up, i already explored a lot in make up and found what i like to do on different ocasions, and because i'm changing a little my sytle, i'm more focused in clothes, shoes and acessories.
Over these last months i have been buying some new items which i will show in a future post. It will be like a huge "changing look" haul post.
For now i just like to say that i have been crazy about shoes, skirts and tights. Yup those are pretty much my current obsessions.

Just a little preview of the stuff i got

Oh and a friend made this drawing of me and it's accurate

Since i love caipiroskas and Glee this is pretty amazing lol

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  1. I love those tan shoes! Gorgeous!

    follow me on jessicahopescloset.blogspot.com would love to hear your comments on some of my posts :)


  2. Thanks ^^
    Already done :)
    Follow me too if you like my blog :D