sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2012

5 looks with the same shirt, tights, socks and shoes

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  1. If you want advice read this if not ignore it.
    Last one is the best, you've got great legs you should show them off, not sure about the pig tails in my opinion they give you an immature look.
    If your wearing a long full skirt pull your hear side ways with a plat or something so that you look is lighter, however belt is a def plus, you really want to singe in you waist to balance out you figure.

    You carry most of you waist in you tummy area so please be careful how you play your figure.
    First look isn't bad I mean you body looks amazing great fit, wouldn't have gone with the grey sock in that case, converses would have nailed the look.

    3rd look is acceptable you should look for dresses that cut you at your smallest part instead of just under your breasts and the square neck line isn't the best :(

    4th, sorry I hate it, the sorts are not flattering at all, there is allot of extra sorts at the front and they're too long for you legs :( get them shortened and tightened so you can loose the belt.

    Again the last look is amazing, you still have that rocker chick look going on but everything is out together, you top is a loose fit and you short hug you perfectly. Overall nails, necklace and head bands were awesome!

    Hope I haven't been to harsh... I believe you can totally keep you signature look and look amazing with shape appropriated clothes. Have a think :)

  2. Well thanks for the long comment lol and yeah i know there are some clothes that look better on me than others, i was just experimenting with different styles because i like them all. but i do feel confortable in all of them and i like to wear anything i like and don't like to repeat myself to much.

  3. I cant see the video!! From my ipad :(

  4. oh :c that's weird, it should show. but you can go to my links on the left side of this blog, there is one to my channel