quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

I feel like Cassie Ainsworth

The title of this post refers to these amazing new shoes i got in Parfois for only 9,90 euros! I love how the price was 34,90 euros before lol. And if you watch Skins the Uk version you know who i'm talking about, that crazy Cassie, one of my favorite characters. There's one episode in which she's on top of a bench in a park and we can see she has these gorgeous gold shoes with a smaller heel, and i know mine are not the same but they do remind me of those. There is only one problem with these babies, they are a bit too small for me, they are one size down mine. But i can make them work and they will stretch out a little. Can't wait to wear them on a night out, because they are very confortable and easy to walk in.

I also picked up the portuguese Cosmopolitan with Daniela Ruah on the cover.

And also got an amazing deal on these lipsticks and concealer, as in i didn't pay anything for them lol. My card from this store had credit acumulated so i didn't had to add any money. The concealer is in shade 03 by Essence and it was 2,49 euros.

This is Lost In The Woods by Catrice

This is It's Robin Wood by Catrice

Both lipsticks were 4,49 euros each.

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  1. beautiful shoes!!!!i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!

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  2. love the color of the lipstick!


  3. Like the shoes! So funny to see the Cosmo in another language!
    I always read the Cosmo here, in the Netherlands.
    Been following you, would like you to follow me back?!

    With love, M


    1. I read the one from my country (the portuguese one) and the Uk one =)
      Thanks, and sure i'm following you now ^^

  4. Cute shoes and love the nail colour :)



    I will be following