segunda-feira, 19 de novembro de 2012

Outfit of the day 19-11-2012

Today i was feeling a little rock n roll so i put this outfit together just to go to the health center (i needed to get a shot). I just feel bad about my face because now you can totally tell it's getting a lot more round and bigger (i have to take cortisone and one of the side effects is swelling of the face), but my body stays the same, in fact i think i'm actually thinner because these red pants used to be really tight and they are a size 36 europe, but it's weird because my size is usually 38 but oh well.

T-shirt - Bershka
Grey shirt - H and M
Red pants - Bershka
Booties - Primark
Ring - Claire's
Earings - Claire's
Lipstick - 10 by Kiko

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