quinta-feira, 15 de julho de 2010

Deep Purple Concert and Make Up

Yesterday i went to a concert =D Deep Purple came to Portugal, i was so happy! I got the chance to see one of the greatest rock bands ever and it was so much fun! I went with my mom and dad, i have no problem with that lol because this band is my dad's favorite rock band since he was a teenager. At first i didn't think they would still be so good live because they are older now lol but i was happily surprised, they rocked the fuckin house!

-I think the set list was:

Highway Star
Things I Never Said
Strange Kind Of Woman
Wasted Sunsets
Rapture Of The Deep
Contact Lost
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Well Dressed Guitar
Mary Long
No One Came
- Don Airey Solo
The Battle Rages On
Space Truckin´
Smoke On The Water
Black Night

The band is:
Ian Gillan - vocals
Steve Morse - guitar
Roger Glover - bass, backing vocals
Ian Paice - drums, percussion
Don Airey - keyboards, organ
Me and the t-shirt i wore =D
Since i wasn't ritgh in front of the stage, i couldn't catch the stuff they trew like guitar pics, drumsticks, set lists. But outside there was this little booth were they were selling official merchandise from the band and one of the things was this guitar pic signed by Steve Morse himself =D i went crazy and bought it of course lol. And it wasn't very expensive, a great plus.
The make up
Of course i had to wear a look that would identify with the band so i chose purple eyeshadow hehe. I used brown as a base and white as a highlighter. I also lined my waterline with black pencil eyeliner and put black mascara, after curling my lashes. I think it worked good and it matched the name of the band ^^

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  1. Wow sounds awesome! I'm not a fan of Deep Purple, but surely it would be fun to go to see some old rock bands like it, or Judas Priest, AC/DC or some others.. ^_^

    Love the make up!! Sooo pretty :) Did you use the H&M palette? :D x

  2. yes i did, i used the white, the two browns and the purple eyeshadows from that pallete =D
    i'm really happy with it, thanks, if it wasn't for you i wouldn't had bought it =D

  3. No waaaay! if you dont know me ive only just realised you followed my blog supersonic, so thanks! im mega jealous you got to go see deep purple! it looks awesome!