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Tag - 8 Questions

I was tagged by Jonna to answer these questions ^^

1. Who is the closest person to you in the world?
2. What make up products you couldn't live without?
3. Which is your favorite time of the day, are you a morning person or a night person?
4. Which is the best vacation you’ve ever had in your life?
5. If there is one thing that you could change from the past, what would that be?
6. What do you dream of?
7. If you were to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
8. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

1. I think it's my father or my mother, it depends, but if you mean a friend , maybe one of my besties, Julia.
2. Concealer, black eyeliner pencil, black mascara, eyeshadows and chapstick.
3. Night person completely. I'm always full of energy at night and also feeling better.
4. I can't name only one xD I loved going to the USA in 2007, without my parents, and i stayed with some cousins i have there, i went to New York, Washington and Albany. I also loved Philadelphia this year, Switzerland in 2007, Paris and London in 2008 and Viena in 2009.
5. I would have like to have been more outgoing when i started my teenage years.
6. I don't really know haha. Have a good life, be happy, not having to many cares in the world.
7. Lose a little bit of weight, but i love eating haha
8. Oh i don't know. I have some small things here and there, but nothing to major. I liked when i sang in karaokes, people always liked and applaud lol

I tag:

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