quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010

Shopping In Sales Is A Many Splendored Thing

Yesterday i went to Lisbon with a friend to browse around some stores and i at the end of the day i came home with some great stuff and my budget didn't went down the toilet haha. Turns out there are some great sales in some places in Lisbon.
So here is the stuff:

Don't know why but i forget to put the owl earings in this pic, but they are in another pic lol. 

This is what i got in Claire's. They had this really great promotion where you could choose 5 items from a certain section in the store, and those 5 would be 5 euros! So i ended up with 5 things for 1 euro each which is a massive deal. These things were the eyelashes, the colourfull headband, the piano bracelet, the owl earings and the pink hair tie. The black tights were 6,95 euros and the Alice In Wonderland necklace was 9,95 euros.

I also went to HandM in Chiado, were there are always great products that aren't expensive. I got these wet wipes to remove make up for 1,95 euros, a blending brush for 1,95 euros also and a blush, in the colour Dazzling Peach, for 3,95 euros.

It was in Sephora that i went crazy about the stuff they had there because they are having some major sales in good products that are usually way more expensive. So i got a stippling brush for only 5 euros, a lipgloss in colour 07 for 3 euros, a retractable lip brush for 3 euros, a lip primer called lip last for 2 euros, a lip pencil in colour 400 for 2 euros, a black nail polish for 1 euro and a pencil sharpner which is also a cover for 0,50 euros. It's all from the brand Sephora.

I took a quick jump to Boticário and got this lipstick which was only 4,90 euros.

I took the chance to buy this book, that i had been wanting for a long time. I don't know the title in english sorry lol. But this is volume VI from the Gossip Girl book series, which are a lot better than the tv show not to mention that they are the original. It was 12,50 euros.

For last i picked up the August edition of the UK Cosmopolitan, which is by the way my favorite of all the cosmos. Here in Portugal this one costs 4,95 euros.

The swatches

I really enjoy buying stuff on sales, it just makes me feel good that i have something that didn't cost an outrageous amount of money.

Have you done any shopping on sale this summer? If yes, what was it?

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  1. Great haul! I've tried going to shops where's sale this summer.. I have to save money for my trip to london and if I see cheap stuff, I can't stop myself buying it :'D x