terça-feira, 22 de junho de 2010


Finally i'm on vacation!
Today i had my last exam, Physics and Chemistry. It wasn't too hard, actually i thought it was pretty basic, but oh well i never know witch grade i'm gonna get lol
The math one was just horrible, i need to go and do another one, but it's only on july 19th so i can relax for some time.
Today i had a friend at my house and we just ate pizza, watched tv, talked about clothes, watched stuff on the internet, nothing to amazing, but it was cool. I ended up making her create a facebook account hehe.
Tomorrow i will be going to Lisbon to do some shopping, and i'm gonna take pictures of the city and hidden spots. It will be like a mini guide to Lisbon =D
Since i'm going on my own i don't know if i will be able to take pictures of me, but we'll see ^^
Oh i forgot! If you like Chris Colfer or Kurt from Glee watch this:


Isn't he just amazing?? I sooo love him hehe. I'm lame.
I DON'T CARE, he's awesome to me =D

So that's all for now, take care =D

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