quinta-feira, 10 de junho de 2010

Is it just a coincidence?

So on Easter vacation i went to the United States and i visited several cities, one of which, New York. And one time i saw a Gap store and i went in. I looked around, searched for clothes i would like and i came across this blue skirt with a kind of school girl pattern. I liked it and i bought it.
It wasn't until i arrived in Portugal that i realized something kinda weird.
I'm crazy about Glee and so i knew that the 14th episode would premiere in the states in the beggining of April, it was like two days after my arrival in Pt, so i would watch it online (here it premiered way later and i wasn't gonna wait sorry xD). And as i watched "Hell-O" i saw the character Rachel Berry with the exact SAME SKIRT! Lol

I freaked out completely! (i know i'm lame, but whatever) I just tought it was so funny and unexpected xD.

So here's a picture of me with my skirt and "Rachel" with her's.

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  1. You went to United States, wow that's cool! Hope you had fun :) The skirt looks lovely and so do you x