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Katiengo's Giveaway!

"Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three day weekend + Giveaway #3

Hello my dear readers,
How is everyone doing? I can't believe I'm doing this once again so fast. (Usually I give it a couple months) but what the heck you all definitely supported me throughout and I just had to show my appreciation and give back. Besides what better ways to show then a simple giveaway? PS: Haha, Am I being too nice? :/ Anywho! I will continue to keep posting and such for you guys...and hopefully become a better blogger in the days coming. ^^

I read through all the comments in my previous review post and made up my mind to purchase a Sedonalace "matte" palette. I took what you all said, of course, into consideration. Now, its your turn to give Sedonalace a try.

& If you want one for yourself right away... For $18.95, click here.

Oh no, not another eyeshadow palette! :/
Can't help it. :)

Katiengo's giveaway #3

What you'll get: Sedonalace's 88 matte palette

Rules (Mandatory) ♥1 entry
- Be a follower
- Comment below saying anything to show your joining this giveaway
put your e-mail address

Over achievers
-Follow on twitter http://twitter.com/_Katiengo ♥1 entry
-Retweet ♥ 1 entry
-Repost giveaway with image above ♥ 2 entry
(Sidebar or post, doesn't matter)

Separate comments or all in one comment, doesn't matter.

Ends on my birthday; July 7th, 2010

End of giveaway announcement

Good news! I'm off the ban. I'm now able to shop...but, I promised myself to only still purchase things for a good reason.

Expect a review on my next post.

My second giveaway #2! ends today. It ends when I put the comment, "This giveaway has ended, entries after this comment won't be accepted." Click here to join.

PS: I need a new layout. -_-

Thanks everyone!

Katie Ngo"

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  1. I've entered this giveaway too.. I'd love to have a palette like that :D