terça-feira, 29 de junho de 2010

Yellow Edgy Eyes

So i haven't been here for a while because i've been really busy with some changes i'm doing in my room. I'm really excited about that! I have two closets but i only use one, so the other one is just there taking a lot of space and makes my room look smaller, which i hate. So it's going to storage on the garage and i think i'm gonna buy a vanity to store all my make up, some acessories and jewlery =D i never had one so that's why i'm excited.
And so i haven't had a lot of time, but today i decided to do a little make up look.

Here are the pictures:

Sorry for the bad quality of the camera lol.
And sorry for my bad eyeliner skills, i have a very nervous hand xD

I got inspired to do this a little by Lady Gaga, because of that yellow. I don't know why but it reminds me of her. And instead of just using primer and the eyeshadow like i almost always do, i didn't prime my eyes and added eyedrops to the shadow, after seing Dulce Candy doing on a make up tutorial, and it turned out a great tip, because this shadow is not that bright if you use it alone, and even with Too Faced Insurance Primer. So i was very happy i could do this with just two products, one of which very inexpensive.And i thought the liner would just go perfect with this and the blue eyelashes would contrast very well.

The products i used were:

Yellow Eyeshadow from a pallete of a drugstore (nothing fancy) mixed with eyedrops
White eyepencil from Sephora used as a highlighter on the browbone
Liner Feutre eyeliner from Bourjois
Eyelash Curler
Blue Mascara from drugstore

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