sexta-feira, 11 de junho de 2010

New Stuff

So i've been doing some shopping and trading and i wanna show all the stuff i got, hoping that it might give you some ideas for clothes or beauty ^^

So here it is:

The fresh top

I love this top for many reasons. It's colours are gorgeous, those blues and greens look very summery and fresh. It reminds me a little bit of the tribal trend because of the brown beeds in the back, which i love and it's very tight in the chest area and flowy in the tummy area lol which makes it a lot confortable. I got it at Bershka for 15,95 euros.

The Lady Gaga look-a-like dress

I found this dress out of pure luck. I was just browsing through the shop and almost got out of it before i found this amazing piece of clothing. As soon as i saw it, i knew i was in love lol. It kind of reminds me of a Lady Gaga costume, only MUCH simpler. I love those red stripes on the side, it looks like it's thorned up, but in a fashionable way. When i picked it up i thought there is no way this is gonna look good on me, because it's a very skinny dress. But the size is bigger than mine so it fits perfectly. I purchase it at HandM for 29,99 euros.

The lettuce green dress

I got this dress in a trade with a girl on the internet. I like the green colour and the design of the top part in black. This will look good with black leggins or black skinny jeans and my favorite boots or some high heels =D.

The Leather Jacket

This jacket was actually from my mom and she gave it to me in exchance for another jacket i didn't like very much lol. I really like this jacket because it's confortable, warm for the winter and it's tight at the waist line, which makes me have a good figure. I don't look good in those wide/loose jackets, because i'm chubby and i might as well accentuate the curves lol. I also like the detail in the button, the colours are pretty. My mom bought this in Cortefiel and i think it was around 100 euros.

The flowery skirt

I just love this skirt. I think the flowers are beautiful and the colours are amazing. I'm very into long skirts right now because i like to wear them higher, not in my hip but in my waist, which makes me look a lot taller and more elegant. Also the waist band is elastic so you can really wear it wherever you want. And it's really confortable. You just need a t-shirt or a sweater, with no pattern or else it would look to much, a belt, leggins and shoes and you're good to go. I got it at HandM for 9,90 euros.


The Snake Skin Heels

These shoes are so pretty that i just bought them exactly because of that lol. I would not recomend them to someone who isn't used to wear thin heels, because you might fall down lol. They are unconfortable and really hard to walk in, but i will practise and buy some easier heels first or else i won't wear these ever. One plus is that they are not that high, only 10 centimetres. I got them at Lefties for 7 euros.

The Demonia Boots

These boots were a bargain because i bought them from a girl. They were used of course but still, the price was a big difference. I love this type of gothic looking boots, they go so well with skirts with an edgy look and plus they make me 8 centimeters taller hehe. I think they would also look good with a pretty flowy "princess" looking kinda dress because of the contrast between two very different things. The brand is Demonia and they must be available in any alternative clothing store. If i had bought them in a store they would have cost about 100 euros, but i got them for 50.

Make Up

The dark red lipstick
I bought this lispstick from Yves Rocher, from a catalogue, because we don't have the store here in Portugal. It's a colour i like very much, it's very dark and perfect for girls with big lips. I don't use it daily because it's a very strong colour for the day, i only use it on a night out or in a very special ocasion. It was 9,50 euros.

The "Feutre" Eyeliner

This eyeliner is very good for those who don't have a very steddy hand and need to practise using eyeliner. It's black and it paints like a colouring pen. It lasts for a long time, many hours and doesn't stay out of place. It's from Bourjois and it cost around 9 euros.

The HandM Nude Lipgloss

I love this thing =D The colour is perfect to use daily, it's soft and only gives a little bit of shimmer to the lips, without exagerating, which i like. The taste i can't even describe... but it kinda tastes like candy and vanilla, it's so delicious lol. And the price was even more delicious. It's from HandM and it was 3,90 euros.

-The white thing on the top picture is just a chapstick with Karite Butter that i got also from Yves Rocher for 2,70 euros.


The perfect shampoo

This is one of the best shampoos ever. It's perfect for brown hair, it really gives beautiful reflexes and shows all the little shades of the brown hair. It's from Garnier and it's around 3 euros.

The anti redness face cream

This face cream is for those who always have red cheekbones and look like a clown. I'm one of those unfortunatte lol. I'm only using it for a little while, but in my opinion it works, but it's a slow progress. The only problem is that it's a very greasy cream, it takes a long time to dry, sometimes you feel it all day long, which is kind of unconfortable. I got it from Yves Rocher and it cost 8,85 euros.

The olive cream

This is just a regular body cream, but the smell is what makes it so special. It's olives and you might think olives are a strange fragrance but they are not, on the contraire, they are a fresh, amazing scent for a lotion. It's from Yves Rocher and it was 2,45 euros (small size)

The cookie mirror

My mom got me this mirror which i think is adorable. It really looks like a oreo cookie and it's small so it's good to carry around. I don't know how much it cost and where she got it lol.

The butterfly mirror

This mirror is beautiful and very handy because it's small and it is double. I got it at HandM for 3,50 euros.


The colourfull animal print hairband

I'm crazy about about hairbands, i use one almost every day lol. I like this one very much because of the print and colours and the fact that each side is different. I just don't like the fact that it's a little big, i prefer thiner ones, they look better on my hair, but i still love this one. I got it from Bershka and it was 4 euros.


I'm obssessed with rings. The wide one with a blue gem and the purple one remind me of marroquine jewellery. I love the zebra one, because i love that print. The one with with little black stones looks very classy to me, which i like very much and the bow one is simply adorable. By the order mention them they were: 1st was 4,95 euros from Bijou Brigite; 2nd was 1,95 euros from HandM; 3rd was 4,95 euros from Bijou Brigite; 4th was 3,95 euros from Bijou Brigite; 5th was 2,50 euros from Bijou Brigite.

The cameos long neclake

I got this from a girl i know, through the internet. It turned out to be perfect. I absolutely love this chain of cameos. It was 1 euro.

The punk collar

I have a weakness for the dark side, especially punk stuff. This was a trade with a girl on the internet. It was a bargain really and it was perfect, looked new like i bought it on a store.

The vintage cameo necklace

I love this kind of necklace, i think they are so vintage looking and beautiful. It really reminds me of the 18th and 19th century, when all the ladies wore this kind of jewels. I purchase it in Bijou Brigite for 9,95 euros.

The bat necklace

I like the dark side of this acessory and i love to buy things made by girls of my age or younger that have those little online stores. I was never dissapointed. I got this necklace with a trade.

The keys necklace

This was on sale and i thought it looked so cute so i got it lol. It was 0,95 euros in CandA.

The Dracula necklace

I actually didn't buy this here, i got it in Austria in a museum gift shop. In the label it had a portrait of Vlad, The Impaler which is referred as Dracula, the master of vampires lol. And in that portrait he had a crown with the symbol of the necklace. And call me crazy but i am interested in all related to vampires and Dracula so i bought it, besides it's a pretty necklace. It was 7,95 euros.

The Simpsons donut necklace

This was another of my many trades via internet and i simply love it. It looks like a real donut only in miniature and it looks so adorable. It reminds me of the donuts from the Simpsons movie that Homer loves so much haha. I think that if he existed and saw me with this he would take it from me and would try to eat it lol because it looks so delicious.
The sushi necklace

My favorite food is sushi so this is appropriate lol. I love this necklace because the little sushis look so real and makes you wanna eat them. And guess what, i didn't buy them, i got them in another trade hehe.
So this was all i got most recently.

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  1. Wow you've done lots of shopping! :) Nice things you've bought!
    Especially the second dress is amazing! The butterfly mirror is also very beautiful.. + I love the colourful animal print headband! :) x

  2. Oh that gorgeous Lady Gaga look-a-like dress is from H&M!?? Wow.. There's H&M stores in Finland too but haven't seen that dress there :/